take the path of least resistence

So, you've decided that it's time to look for a new job. What's the first step you take? It depends on your situation, but most job seekers are likely to start browsing job sites such as LinkedIn, Bizcommunity, Careers24 and the like. After doing this, it's very easy to get excited by opportunity, quickly fill in an "online CV" and start hitting "submit application" left, right and centre. Some may say "there is no downside". I disagree. This links in with my first post which talks about first impressions. Crafting the perfect CV is only step one. Step two is getting that CV in front of the hiring manager. How do you increase the chances of doing that? Don't get lost in the same pile as everyone else. Most of the time, applications via public job portals are sent to the HR department for filtering before they get to the hiring manager. Now you could be the perfect person for the job, but any number of factors can lead to your CV getting lost. You may not meet the "ideal" pre-qualification criteria, you could have a gap in your CV where you went traveling for a year, you may just be catching the HR manager on a bad day. So many factors to consider.  This is what you call the path of most resistance. I can guarantee from experience that you have a higher probability of getting your foot in the door if you get a direct introduction to the hiring manager. I'm not implying that HR managers don't add value to the application process, they 100% do. But for you (the applicant), they're one more speed bump which if you can bypass, do it. This is the path of least resistance. On more than one occasion I have interviewed a candidate who is seeking work, presented them with an opportunity and they replied "but I applied for that via LinkedIn 5 weeks ago and haven't heard back from them." I've then phoned the HR manager to ask about this and their response is generally: "Sorry Jaryd, we actually haven't had the time to go through half the CV submissions yet". This happens all the time.  Yet when I submit CVs for my candidates, they literally go directly onto the hiring managers desk and more often than not, it's a hard copy that they can't ignore because it goes from my hands into theirs. The result? 90% of the time - an interview request. 

My trusted advice? 

  • Partner up with a professional recruiter that you can trust.
  • Work with them to craft the ideal next step in your journey (this includes crafting the perfect CV for your first impression)
  • Brief them properly. Have an open channel of communication and full transparency.
  • Let them do the hard work of getting your foot in the door. They will either have a direct in to the company to take the path of least resistance, or they will make that path.
  • Have an understanding with them that if they can't get you in, they'll let you know so that you can strategise a plan B.
That's all for now. If I think of anything else, I'll update the post 🙂 Upwards, Jaryd